Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering Igualada

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Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering Igualada

Academic course

ECTS credits

240 ECTS, 4 years

Imparted at

Escola Politècnica Superior

Starting year


Dedication regime

Full time / Part time

Learning model


Language of instruction

Catalan, Spanish and English

Available places

35 places


Jordi Vilaplana Mayoral

The degree in figures
The degree in figures
The degree in figures
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Presentation of the Degree

Informatics is the relative science or technique in technology that studies the automatic processing of information using electronic devices and computer systems. In computing, the foundations of computer science, programming, methodologies for the development of software and communications converge.

In the Degree in Computer Engineering, you will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to conceive, design, develop, maintain and manage computer systems for problems that range from information management in the business context, through control and management problems and devices. industrial, to problems of management of services and infrastructures of computing, communication and information storage. Graduates in Computer Engineering are fully prepared to study, design and install computer networks, industrial informatics and systems engineering projects, software engineering projects and information application systems.

In addition, if you are good students and are interested in technical studies and business management, you can take the Double bachelor's degree: in Computer Engineering + in Business Administration and Management

Why do you have to study this degree at Igualada Campus?

The Degree in Computer Engineering enables the student to exercise the regulated profession of Technical Engineer in Computer Science and, studying the Master in Computer Engineering, which is also taught at the Higher Polytechnic School, for the regulated profession of Engineer / a in Computer Science.

Come to the Higher Polytechnic School to study a current degree, essential to meet the challenges of the 21st century society and with a very high labor demand:

  • Because the University of Lleida has extensive teaching experience in this teaching offer. In the 2020-21 academic year, EPS celebrates 30 years of Computer Science studies.
  • Because to facilitate the internationalization of teaching and work for our students, 30% of the teaching of the degree in Computer Engineering is offered in English.
  • Because EPS enjoys a high level of internationalization. Students of the Degree in Computer Engineering can enjoy a wide range of international mobility and a map of double international degrees, both undergraduate and master, at prestigious universities in Denmark, Brazil or Indonesia.
  • Because you can participate in an International Minor with universities in the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and South Africa.
  • Because it takes place on the Igualada-UdL Campus, in a privileged environment and modern facilities (inaugurated in 2014).

To implement the Degree in Computer Engineering, which is organized in person, the Higher Polytechnic School offers:

  • Validation of Higher Degree Training Cycles (CFGS) to the Degree in Computer Engineering. Here you can consult the
  • Validations of seconds the corresponding training cycle. Small groups that facilitate exchanges with teachers and a more careful monitoring of the work carried out by the student.
  • Continuous evaluation.
  • Block curricular qualification of the subjects corresponding to the same academic year Individualized tutorials.
  • At EPS each student has a tutor assigned to whom they can address any question related to their studies. Within the Néstor tutoring program, attention mechanisms are established for the student.
  • Incorporation of active methodologies.
  • Compulsory supervised internships in a company that allow for the employment of graduates (105 annual internship offers).
  • The possibility of carrying out these practices in the international arena. Final Degree Project with tutoring and continuous evaluation.
  • The possibility of carrying out the TFG within the framework of the company.

Job opportunities

Graduates in Computer Engineering from the Higher Polytechnic School, according to data from the latest survey published on labor insertion in Catalonia by the AQU, Labor Report 2017 of graduates achieve a JOB INSERTION of 100%

Graduates in Computer Engineering are fully prepared to study, design and install computer networks, industrial informatics and systems engineering projects, software engineering projects and information application systems.

In addition to teaching and research, the most common professional activities of Computer Engineering graduates are the following:

  • Management positions (studying the Master in Computer Engineering): director of information systems, director of development, director of production and exploitation or head of information technology.

  • Command positions: intermediate technical staff, project manager, functional analyst, area manager, consultant, database architect, manager of quality, methodologies and organization, or systems architect.

  • Technical positions: database administrator, head of networks and systems, head of information systems security or head of microxarxes, application developer.



There is this mention in the title

Major Information Tecnologies

You will deepen knowledge of design, implementation and validation of services and communication infrastructures responding to the legislative requirements and the safety of organizations.

Double international degrees

Computer Engineering & Global Business Engineering

The Polytechnic School offers a double international degree in Computer Engineering & Global Business Engineering from the Danish university of VIA University College.

VIA University College,located in the city of Horsens, in the central region of Denmark, educates, among d'altres, future engineers and designers. Offer over 40 degrees in vuit campus de tota ruled it. The most advanced training departments of VIA have more than 20,000 annual participants in garu and master programs. Fet que fa from VIA UC, the greatest institution for university training in northern Europe. Horsens is a city on the east coast of the Jutland region in Denmark. The population of the city is 59,181 inhabitants (given de l'any 2019) and the population of the municipality is 90,370 inhabitants (given de l'any 2019). It is, consequently, the 8th largest city in Denmark.

Horsens is also a city connected to the seva culture and the seva entertainment offer: the nou theater Horsens is a cultural center that celebrates more than 200 esdeveniments annually that has advised to program shows of important artists such as Bob Dylan, Madonna or els The Rolling Stones. Currently, the city is experiencing a positive development with the new industry that is transferred to Horsens, above all the electronics sector and graphic design. Horsens also has the only industrial museum in Denmark.

Computer Engineering & Computer Engineering

The Polytechnic School offers a double international degree in Computer Engineering & Computer Engineering with the Brazilian University of Facens.

Facens is located in the city of Sorocaba. The city, founded in 1654, is located 90 km from São Paulo and has 670,000 inhabitants. FACENS is the first higher education institution in the sector founded in Sorocaba and which won the Higher Award in the institutional concept of the Ministry of Education in 2018, among other awards from other institutions. It has recently become a full-fledged university offering not only engineering studies but others. FACENS is an entrepreneurial institution with many and diverse laboratories and innovation centers (Smart Campus, LIGA Facens, Ipeas, FabLab ...) aimed at the professional sector and development, but also open to all students who want to participate. We must also highlight the sustainable development objectives involved in all its projects.


Minor Internacional Global Acting in ICT

El Minor Internacional Global Acting in ICT is an international specialization that can be obtained by taking the mention in the title of Information Technologies. This minor consists of studying specific modules lasting 3 weeks over a semester (the 1st semester of the 4th year) in person at each of the 5 participating institutions:

 Fontys University of Applied Sciences  [Netherlands]
PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts  [Belgium]
University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria  [Austria]
Belgium Campus ITversity  [Sudàfrica]
Escola Politècnica Superior de la Universitat de Lleida  [Catalunya - Espanya]

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